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The popular pharmaceutical company Dragon Pharma offers the world their high-quality oral steroid, Anavar. Its main active ingredient is oxandrolone and was initially developed for use in medicine. It was used in regenerative therapy for the treatment of burns and injuries. Thanks to its low toxicity and safety, it later found its use in sports. Its positive effect and harmlessness for the body made Anavar very popular among various kinds of athletes.

Advantages of taking Anavar

Thanks to the active ingredient, Anavar is recognized as one of the safest oral steroids for sale in the UK and worldwide. The steroid does not cause progestogenic and estrogenic activity. It has an almost immediate effect. To get the most out of the steroid, the athlete should already have some muscle and a minimal fat layer.

Here are the main features of the steroid:

Forms muscular definition

Helps to get rid of unwanted fat

Increases strength and endurance

Stimulates growth hormone production

Suppresses aromatization.

The steroid is not hepatotoxic towards the liver and athletes with digestive disorders can also use it.

Anavar usage recommendations

It is recommended to start taking the steroid in small doses. Start the cycle with a minimum dosage of 10-20mg and gradually increase it to 40mg per day. The maximum allowable daily amount is 80mg, but it must be divided into three parts. The cycle duration is 5-6 weeks. After its completion, post-cycle therapy is required. It is not necessary but desirable to minimize the negative effect.

Women can use the steroid. However, the dosage will be much smaller. It is recommended to take no more than 10mg per day.

Anavar side effects

As stated, Anavar is a safe anabolic steroid so severe side effects are unlikely. However, side effects may occur if the dosage and cycle duration are not correct. These include dizziness, nausea, or a drop in libido levels. You should always monitor your condition closely during the cycle.

Combinations with other steroids

Because of low toxicity, Anavar can be used in combination with various other steroids. A good effect in muscle building can be achieved in combination with Winstrol or Trenbolone. To increase strength and endurance, testosterone is used in the cycle as the base steroid to reduce any natural hormone shutdowns.

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